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Game Boy

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge
Pokémon Pinball


Pokémon Stadium/2
Pokémon Stadium Gold & Silver
Pokémon Puzzle League
Hey You, Pikachu!
Pokémon Snap

Game Cheats

~~Game Boy Cheats~~

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge

More Options
On the Options screen, hold Select and press the A button. This will give you access to more game options.

More Stats
While on the Records screen, hold Select and press the A button. This gives access to more statistical information.

Intense Mode
To access the Intense Mode in the single-player Challenge, first open Super Hard Mode. Position the cursor on Super Hard, then hold Select and press the A button.

Disable Combo Pauses
Normally, whrn you execute a Combo or Active Chain, the blocks temporarily stop rising. If you enter this code, the blocks will no longer pause in any level or mode. Turn on the game, and watch for Pikachu. When he smiles, quickly enter the following code: Left, A button, B button, Up. If you enter the code correctly, there will be a confirmation sound.

Increase Maximum Speed
To increase the speed in Marathon Mode, from 50 to 99, enter the following code: Turn on the game. Watch for Pikachu. When he smiles, press B button, A button, Left, Left. You will hear a confirmation sound if you enter the code correctly.

Earn Marill
To earn Marill, play the single-player Challenge Mode on "Normal" difficulty level or higher. If you can complete a 4x Chain Combo or higher before you reach the trainer named Clair, a trainer named Swimmer will challenge you to a battle. Defeat Swimmer to add Marill to your collection.

Earn Pikachu
To gain access to Pikachu, play the single-player Challenge Mode on "Normal" difficulty level or higher. If you can execute a six-block combo before you reach Clair, then a trainer named Gentleman will challenge you. Beat him to get Pikachu.

Earn Togepi
To hatch Togepi from its egg, play the single-player Challenge Mode on Normal, or higher. If you can perform a 10 chain combo before you reach Clair, trainer PokéFan will want a battle. If you defeat PokéFan, you will get to own Togepi.

Earn Sentret
Play single-player Challenge Mode on Normal or higher. Get a 7 chain combo or higher before reaching Clair, and battle a trainer named Beauty.

Earn Bellossom
Play single-player Challenge Mode on Normal or higher. By defeating any trainer in 25 seconds or less (before reaching Clair), you will battle trainer Lass to earn a Bellossom.

Earn Pichu
Play single-player Challenge Mode on Normal or higher. Last 4 minutes or more with any trainer before defeating them. Battle PokéFan for her Pichu.

Super Hard Mode
(In single-player Challenge Mode) While on the Difficulty Select Screen, place your cursor on "Hard". Then hold the Select button and press the A button.

Pokémon Versions Gold/Silver/Crystal

Reset Game
While in the game, press "Start" + "Select" + "A" + "B". This will reset your game.

Skip Ending Credits
While the credits are displayed, press "Start" + "Select" + "A" + "B".

Restart Game
While on the game's title screen, press "Up" on the directional pad, "B", and the "Select" button.

Safest Way to Capture Rare Pokémon
When you come across a Pokémon, in the game, which is the only one of its kind, walk up to it and save your game. Then, battle it as usual. If you accidentally make it faint, restart over your game--making sure that you don't save before you do so. If you do, you will lose the only chance you have to capture it!

Duplicating Items
This is for the Pokémon Japanese versions of Gold, Crystal and Silver. First, make your Pokémon hold a very useful item--or any item you wish to be duplicated. Next, place a Pokémon with the ability to FLY, first in your party list. Place a Pokémon that you don't really want second in your list. Now, place the Pokémon, holding the item you wish to be duplicated, last in your list. Go to a PC, and deposit all Pokémon--except for the first one in your list. Withdraw the second Pokémon (the Pokémon that was second in your list before you deposited them). Enter the Bug Catching Contest, exiting as soon as you enter--but selecting "No" when asked if you want to quit. Instead of trying to walk out, use a Pokémon with the ability "Fly" to fly to a Poké Center. Deposit your second Pokémon into the PC. Return to the contest, answer "Yes" and finish. Go to your Pokémon party screen, to see that you have the Pokémon you deposited in your possession. It will be holding the item that you wanted to be duplicated.

Easy Breeding Secret
Instead of trying to match specific groups, just use a Ditto. A Ditto will breed with any Pokémon, and the egg will hatch into the other Pokémon--not the Ditto.

To Duplicate Pokémon and Items
Don't have over 5 Pokémon in your party list. If the Pokémon is holding an item, it will also be duplicated. Deposit the Pokémon into the PC, and change boxes. While the game shows "Saving..." immediately turn off the power. When you turn it back on, your Pokémon, and any item it was holding, will be duplicated.
CAUTION: The above code could cause the Pokémon and any item in its possession to be erased from the game.

Make Shiny Pokémon
This code is for the Japanese versions of Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal. For this code, it is less confusing if you use a Pokémon that is able to evolve. Any Pokémon will work, though. First in your lineup should be a Pokémon with the ability to "Fly". The "Golden Gyarados" should be placed last. The Pokémon to be shiny, placed second. After all of the Pokémon are in the order in the lineup, deposit all of the Pokémon except the first Pokémon. Withdraw the Pokémon that is to become shiny. Enter the Bug Catching Contest, but exit as soon as you enter. But, do not answer "No", after talking to the guy. Instead of leaving out of the park, fly to a Poké Center. Deposit the Pokémon--the one to become shiny--into the PC. Return to the contest and finish. Withdraw the Pokémon. It will be a different color, but have Gyarados' name. Raise up the Pokémon's level until it evolves. When you go into battle, it will now have a shining status.

Trading Card Game

Get Mew
Mew can be gotten as a booster, in the Articuno pack. It has an HP of 50. The first attack does 10x the damage of the energies on the defending Pokémon. The second attack de-evolves any Pokémon--yours or opponents.

Booster Packs
While on the computer, go to the manual section. After recieving new badges, you will receive booster packs.

Recieve Energy Cards
Go to the Professor's lab and battle the tutorial person. With every win, you will receive an Energy Card.

Receive Mewtwo Card
After getting the Psychic Badge, go to the side room in the Psychic Club. Talk to the man in the left side of the room, and answer Yes to recieve the card.

Pokémon Versions Red/Blue/Yellow

The Missingno. and 'M Code
This is by far the most interesting code there is. This code is not compatable with any of the Japanese Pocket Monsters games. The following code might cause damage to your game, but not likely. (I've battled with Missingno., and my game data has never been erased.) Use this code, though, at your own risk.

The following code will glitch your Hall of Fame List (you can see a hidden Pokémon!), and Duplicate Items. To duplicate items set the item to be duplicated in slot number six (6) of your item list.

Go to the man whom shows you how to catch Pokémon; he is at the entrance to the Viridian Forest. Talk to him, and answer "Yes" to his question. Fly immediately to Cinnabar Island, heading to the right coast of the island. Surf the coast, until being challenged by a glitched Pokémon 'M or Missingno.. Defeat the level 80 or level 0 Missingno. or 'M. They are weak so it shouldn't be a problem. Check your item list the first number should be a glitch, while the last is a number nine. This means there are 99 of that item. This code will only duplicate items having a number behind them (x #). You can also go and check the Hall of Fame List. Go through the list, and you are guaranteed to see Myuu! (up to 4 times at once!)

Don't Fight Wild Pokémon
If your Pokémon is low on HP, simply have a Pokémon in your party to use cut to slice away the grass as you walk.

Ability to Surf/Fish in Statues
Go into the Cerulean City Gym, and walk up to one of the statues. Take out any rod, and cast it into the statue. Surprisingly, you will be fishing as though there were water. You can also surf into them.

Free Safari Zone Experience
Have atleast P500. Go in and pay as usual, but you will not recieve all 30 Safari Balls. Exit and try to enter again. This time, you will not have any money. Try to enter three times, without paying. The man will let you enter, but with only one Safari Ball.

High Level Pokémon
To catch a Pokémon over level 100, go through the same steps to see Missingno.. A Pokémon over level 100 will appear. Catch one of the many that will appear, use rare candies and other vitamins on it, until the Pokémon's level will no longer rise anymore. The Pokémon will be on level 0, and have a glitch symbol infront of its number. This Pokémon isn't going to be very strong, but it will never faint. Don't take the Pokémon to the Poké Center or its level will return to 100.

The Ghost PC
Go to the Celadon City Hotel that is always booked. Walk to the far right wall, and then walk straight up to the counter. Log onto the PC that is right infront of the counter.

Find Pokémon in Cinnabar Island
To find Pokémon on the coast of Cinnabar Island, first go through the steps and battle with Missingno.. After this, go to anywhere where Pokémon can be found. This may be the Unknown Dungeon, Safari Zone, Seafoam Island--anywhere. After going to a place, fly back to Cinnabar Island, and surf up and down the right coast. You are guaranteed to see Pokémon from whatever area you came from.
Note: If you perform this many times, it might take awhile for the certain Pokémon to appear.

Duplicating Pokémon
Use the Game Link Cable to trade Pokémon. Go to the Cable Club to trade. One trainer should have the rare Pokémon you both want. The other, should have a Pokémon, such as Magikarp, which will not matter if it is deleted. Now, trade. When the trainer with the rare Pokémon sees "Waiting..." on their screen, they should turn off their game. After that, shut off the other Game Boy. If this was performed correctly, both should now have the Pokémon.
Note: This could mess up your game, but it is not likely.

The S.S. Anne Truck
Do one of the following to see the truck:
1. Go through the game, reaching the S.S. Anne. Get HM 01 Cut from the captain. Fight one of the trainers and purposely lose to them. You will be transported to a Poké Center. Continue through the game until you get the Surf HM. Go back to the S.S. Anne, and present your ticket. Don't get on the boat, but stay on the bridge. Surf right onto the strip of land, and you will find the truck.

2. Trade with someone else that has a Pokémon with the technique HM 01, Cut. Continue through the game until you recieve the Surf HM. Go back to the S.S. Anne, and follow the instructions above.
Note: Myuu is not underneath the truck, and Myuutsuu is not able to move the truck with the Strength HM. There is also no Poké Ball containing Houou or Myuu underneath the truck. You can't do anything with the truck.
Standing on a Tree
Cut down any tree, and position Satoshi where the tree originally was. Save your game, and turn it off. When you turn it on again, Satoshi will be standing on a tree!

Visit the Game Freak Headquarters
After catching all 150 Pokémon, go to the Celadon City Celadon Mansion. Go to the third floor, which is the development room. Talk to the man in the center of the room. If you are playing the English version, he gives you a diploma. However, if you are playing the Japanese version--congratulations, you have received Myuu!

More Efficent Way to Capture Pokémon
When you go to capture a monster, press up on the control pad as you throw a capturing device. When the ball closes, press down, and the B button.

Glitched Battles
This works with an old Game Boy Link Cable, with three ports connected to one wire. Connect three Pokémon Game Boy Games to each port. Go into a regular battle. The first player is fighting the second, while the second player is fighting the third. When a Pokémon faints, the next one becomes glitched.

Pokémon Pinball

Reset the Game
Press "Start" + "Select" + "A" + "B" at the same time.

Erase Game Data
Before the main screen comes up, hold down the following buttons: "Up" (on the directional pad) + "Right" + "Start". To cancel this, press "B".

Pokédex Info.
To see how many Pokémon you've seen or caught, go to your Pokédex and hold down the "Select" button. The ones you've seen will be shown as shadows.

Quick Way to Catch Rare Pokémon
Always try to light up all 3 catch'em arrows.

Evolution Bonus
Goto Evolution Mode, and select a Pokémon that has a star beside its name. Evolve this Pokémon, and you will get a bonus of 10,000,000.

Mewtwo Bonus Stage
Complete both stages in the machine, either on the blue or red side. After you catch 3 Pokémon, or get a chance for another slot, you can get the bonus stage.

~~N64 Cheats~~

Pokémon Stadium/Stadium 2

Pokémon Stadium 2/Pocket Monsters Stadium Gold & Silver

Alternate Title Screen (2 Times)
Win all Stadium Cups in Round 1, and Round 2.

Round 2: Rival Cup
Win all Stadium Cups, and defeat all Gym Leaders, then defeat Shigeru.

Mini Games: Super Hard Difficulty
Defeat the CPU in 7 games under the Hard difficulty setting.

Your Pokémon in Mini Games
If you have your Pokémon game in your Transfer Pak when you play mini games, you will be able using your own trained Pokémon! You will also get any money for winning! Note: Only certain Pokémon can participate, not limited to those you see on the game.

GB Upgrade 1
To get the first upgrade, beat Stadium or Gym Leader Castle. This will allow faster game play for the Red, Blue, and Yellow Pokémon versions.

GB Upgrade 2
To get the upgrade for Gold, Silver and Crystal versions, you will have to beat Round 2.

Rent Celebi
Beat Round 1, and then Celebi will be usable for Round 2 in the Prime Cup.

Bonus Pokémon
Win the Rival Cup to receive Farfetch'd with the move Baton Pass.
Win Rival Cup Round 2 to receive Gligar with the move Earthquake.

Pokémon Puzzle League

Unlock All Trainers
While on the "Trainer Select" screen, press and hold the "L" button on controllers 1 & 2.

After 1 player has selected a trainer, they can then press button "A" to make their character talk.

Mewtwo Stage
Only works on 2 player game. While on the "Trainer Select" screen. Hold the "Z" button and press the following buttons in this order: "B", "Up" (on the control pad), "L", "B", "A", "Start", "A", "Up", "R". Player 1 will control Satoshi, while Player 2 will be Myuutsuu!

Speed Marathon: Level 99
With the title screen showing hold "Z", and enter the following button sequence: "B", "A", "L", "L". (The code spells BALL.) On the Game Settings screen, you can set Marathon speed to level 99.

Competition Super Hard & Very Hard Difficulties
Super Hard: Hold "Z" and press the following: "R", "L", "A", "B".
Very Hard: (Choose 1P Stadium Mode) On the Game Settings Screen, hold "Z" and press the following: "L", "L", "A", "B".

Hey You, Pikachu! A._.A

An Angry Pikachuu
Say the phrase "Electric XXX". Just don't say "Electric Triple X."

Play the Pokémon Quiz
Get Pikachu's attention and say "Quiz Time" to play the quiz anytime. Although as long as you say "quiz" Pikachu will understand what you mean.

Pikachu's Attacks
Pikachu only understands the attacks "Thunder", "Thunderbolt" and "Thundershock".

Unlock the Shadow Game
Play the quiz enough times. Then you will guess the Pokémon by identifying its shadow.

Respectful Pikachu
Go to Pikachu's Discovery Days, in any level. Say "Fierce Diety", and Pikachu will be respectful, and bow to you.

Obtaining the Togepi Egg
While in the Ochre Woods, head to the cave. Call Pikachu to find the egg. Abra will come and take it, and place it in the shop. If you visit the shop, in awhile, the egg will hatch.

Upgrade the Watering Jug
In the Field Trip: Part 2, you can purchase a watering jug that can be used a maximum of thirty times.

Obtain the Lucky Hook
In Pokémon Picnic: Part 3, you can purchase the hook from Abra's Shop.

Obtain the Trumpet
After obtaining the hook, you can buy the Trumpet.

Obtain the Flying Acorn
After obtaining the Trumpet and Lucky Hook, you can then purchase the Flying Acorn; this will help you reach things in trees.

Catch new Water Pokémon
By using the Lucky Hook, you can catch more powerful and different Pokémon in fishing holes.

Unlock Pikachu's Daring Days
Break atleast 2 pińatas at the Pińata Party. Pikachu will receive and play the harmonica. After that, you will camp out. When the Haunter appears, tell Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. A Lapras will carry both of you to Cobalt Island, the following day. You will go on a treasure hunt. Professor Oak will call you and add two new modes to your gear. The modes are "View Mode" and "Pikachu Mode". Professor Oak will train you to use these modes.

Return to Training
To return to Professor Oak's training, go to "Daring Days", and say "Professor Oak's Special Training".

Obtaining the Pirate's Sword
Go to Pikachu's Daring Days: Cobalt Island. Head to the other side of the island and follow the path leading to the pirate fort. Keep Pikachu from finding the treasure chest. Using your new "view mode", tell Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on the cannon facing away from the treasure chest. This will unearth all the treasure chests. Follow the directions on the signs, and open the chest inside the fort to obtain the Pirate's Sword.

Obtain Special Gems
In Treasure Hunt: Part 2, head down the path that leads to the fort. There will be a treasure chest in the middle of the fort containing one of the gems. The gems include ruby, sapphire, and topaz.

Pokémon Snap

The following are ways to get pictures of certain Pokémon.

In the Valley hit the Magikarp infront of the first Mankey. The Mankey will then hit the Magikarp over the mountain. When you get infront of the 3 Gravelers near the end of the level, throw a Pester Ball at the Magikarp. It will go into the waterfall, evolving into a Gyarados.

In the Cave, throw Pester Balls at the Grimer, it then evolves.

Charmander Group
Go into the Volcano, and at the beginning, throw an apple at the Charmander. Soon, more Charmanders will appear. If you want them to look at you, play the Poké Flute.

In the Tunnel, after spotting the large egg, throw apples to lure Pikachu to the egg. Play the Poké Flute when Pikachu is next to the egg. Pikachu will shock the egg, causing it to hatch into Zapdos.

In the Volcano, at the end, throw an apple at the Charmeleon next to the lava pool. After emerging from the lava, it will be a Charizard.

In the Volcano, follow the path until you reach an egg. Throw an apple at the egg, causing it to fall into the lava, and evolve.

In the Cave, near the end. When you see the 3 Jynx, play the Poké Flute. The egg will float in the air and hatch.


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